Erik telling stories to an engaged audience around the campfire with the Global Explorers.

Photo by Didrik Johnck
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Changing Mindsets

Erik has devoted himself to helping others reach their full potential. His books and motivational talks are aspects of that desire to help others. But Erik also "walks the talk" by actively working with programs that foster leadership and the No Barriers mindset.

Erik's outreach includes helping start a nonprofit organization, No Barriers, that brings people together into a community where ideas and inspiration are shared to achieve the most challenging goals. Through Global Explorers, Erik has worked with students to become responsible citizens who strive to make the world a more equitable, sustainable place now and for generations to come. The unique Soldiers To Summits program uses mountaineering as a metaphor to help disabled veterans reintegrate into society. And Blind Skiers Edge is a program that enhances the skiing experience for the completely vision impaired.