Erik along with Ike Isaacson and Jeff Evans on location for the Expedition Impossible series.
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Erik’s speaking engagements have inspired thousands of people around the world–but don’t take our word for it–read some of our favorite testimonials below:


Nick Adamo, SVP, The Americas, Cisco Systems

“It isn’t often we have the opportunity to hear from someone as inspirational as Erik. His presentation touched every person in our sales organization and left each of us with a true sense of what it means to strive to reach our goals with a no-failure attitude.  His ability to relate his personal journey to the business world by drawing parallels that directly correlate with what is going on in our industry at this very moment, is extraordinary.  He captures the attention of his audience from beginning to end, delivering an incredible message interlaced with both sincerity and wit.  The reaction from our team has been overwhelmingly positive, and the value derived from Erik’s insights will undoubtedly have an important, lasting impact on our organization as we continue to traverse the ‘new normal.’”   


Ellen O'Donohue, CID Management

"Of all the presentations I have ever attended in all my years, you have a gift with people, experiences and inspiration. Everyone in the Yammer network is talking about how much we all enjoyed seeing you."


Marcy McDougall, VP Communications - GE Commercial Equipment Financing

"Erik was OUTSTANDING!! Our audience absolutely loved him and many went out of their way to tell us he was the BEST speaker they've ever heard. Several attendees (including a few senior leaders) were brought to tears by his motivational talk and EVERYONE was taking notes and paying close attention. The efforts he went to to learn about our business and incorporate our goals/objectives seamlessly into his presentation really paid off. Truly, we can't say enough about him."


Bill D'Amico - Computer Associates

"Erik's ability to deliver a compelling and focused corporate message is unsurpassed. His capacity to relate his personal experiences to the world of business, especially in such appropriate areas as teamwork, dealing with adversity, and turning challenges into opportunities, is truly inspirational. He captures and enthralls his audience through an unbeatable combination of integrity, determination, altruism, and humor. The value Erik brings goes far beyond professional boundaries; he delivers an indelible personal message to everyone."


Tim Armstrong, VP North American Sales - Google

"Thank you again for coming to spend time with us. Your impact at Google has been significant. On a personal note, your message on climbing with people that want to get to the top together caused me to re-organize some of the major aspects on my team at Google. So everyone is angry with you. Just kidding, they are in a much better place and as a team we accomplished a lot more than we thought we could."


John Sievwright, Managing Director and COO – Merrill Lynch

"Many thanks for speaking at Merrill Lynch's Global Markets and Investment Banking. Your talk was a huge hit with everyone, and I know that they all walked away with much to think about and much to be thankful for. You were totally inspirational and threaded the themes that we talked about beautifully into your own experiences. People found a great deal of relevance in what you said and certainly are forced to think a bit more laterally."


Glenn T. Majeski, Director of Internal Communications - Quest Diagnostics

"Your impact at our meeting was, in a word, unforgettable. The buzz started the moment you left the stage, and has not stopped. Many attendees have called your presentation the most inspirational speech they have ever heard. On a personal level, you have provided me with words to live by."


Mark D. Howell, Executive Vice President & Division Manager - Wells Fargo

"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you gave to our Wells Fargo group. Everyone was talking about it for the rest of the conference. Your talk really was the highlight of our conference. Your message and story are truly inspiring to everyone around you."


Paul Polman, President of Western Europe - Procter and Gamble

"Thanks again for spending such generous time with us and more importantly unselfishly sharing your own successes for the benefits of many others. You indeed touched many people and have shown more than ever that there is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no insurmountable barrier except our own inherent weakness of purpose. The reactions from all participants are overwhelmingly positive and this enrichment will undoubtedly translate into an even stronger organization."


Angela Schmidt Shimé, Director, Events Marketing - Software AG

"I have been running this program for 6 years and I have heard nothing but incredible compliments and praise for your speech. Your story is so incredibly inspirational and we were so impressed on how you incorporated meaningful messages into your presentation that seemed to work perfectly for our audience and industry. There were many attendees that came up to me to let me know you were the best speaker they have ever heard in their life."


Avram Goldman, President, COO - Coldwell Banker Northern California

"Erik Weihenmayer is one of those unique human beings who has the ability to touch everyone personally and inspire all of us to tap the power which lies within. He is a speaker who can transform an event into an unforgettable experience."


Will Manzer, President and CEO - Eastern Mountain Sports

"Your presentation may have been the best mix of comedy, heart, inspiration and courage I have ever heard. I was moved beyond my emotional threshold and given a life lesson I hadn’t counted on. I thank you for that."