Be like Fallsmead Elementary - Take the pledge!

Hi Teachers! 

Over the last two years, Fallsmead Elementary in Rockville, MD has been using the No Barriers Climb Program. Kids are tough critics, but the program has gotten rave reviews. Check out these No Barriers Pledges from some of their 5th-grade students: 

We Pledge

  • to not judge people for what they are but to see them for who they are.
  • to never give up, even if what we are trying to do feels impossible.
  • to lift others up with me.
  • to make my life matter.
  • to make lemons when life gives us lemonade.

And my personal favorite: ... Don't fail it - NAIL IT!

The No Barriers Pledge is a way for students to apply the lessons they have learned from my programs and work towards a real, actionable goal. A pledge doesn’t have to be to climb a big scary mountain, but it should be a commitment to break through a barrier holding you back, or to reach out of your comfort zone, farther than you have before. 

If you have ever wanted to incorporate my No Barriers message into your classroom, don’t hesitate. Classrooms around the country agree: "We love No Barriers!"

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