May 9, 2011

My Secret Is Out – Expedition Impossible!

As you may know, I dropped out of sight for about four weeks this past March and April. Now I can tell you that I was in Morocco participating in a new reality TV show called Expedition Impossible! This is the latest creation of Mark Burnett, the producer of Eco-Challenge adventure races and the Survivor and The Apprentice reality shows.

My longtime climbing partner, Jeff Evans, and one of the soldiers from last fall’s Lobuche expedition, Ike Isaacson, joined with me to form Team No Limits. We competed against 12 other teams for a $250,000 prize. It was an incredible, and very sandy, adventure but you’ll have to watch the show to find out what happened–we are sworn to secrecy.

The show premiers at 9/8 PM on Tuesday, June 21st on ABC (and CTV in Canada) and continues for 10 weeks. After each episode, I will tell you some of the behind-the-scenes stories here on my blog. Stay tuned!

No Limits

Erik Weihenmayer, 42, Golden, CO, speaker/writer
Jeff Evans, 41, Boulder, CO, physician assistant
Ike Isaacson, 33, Topeka, KS, National Guard

California Girls

Christina Chin, 24, Davis, CA, manager
Brittany Smith, 24, Rancho Murietta, CA, pro golfer
Natalie Smith, 25, Woodland, CA, teacher/coach

The Cops

Robert Robillard, 43, Concord, MA, police officer
Dani Henderson, 34, Marlborough, MA, police officer
James Vaglica, 49, Billerica, MA, police officer

The Country Boys

Nicholas Coughlin, 28, Clinton, MS, internet marketing
Jason Cronin, 37, Pensacola Beach, MN, business owner/entrepreneur
Chad Robinson, 27, Bolton,MS, realtor

Fab 3

Ryan Carrillo, 36, Los Angeles, CA, business owner
Kari Gibson, 26, Los Angeles, CA, poker tournament hostess
AJ Gibson, 30, Los Angeles, CA, mortgage consultant

The Fisherman

Gus Sanfilippo, 48, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Nino Sanfilippo, 43, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Joe Sanfilippo, 44, Gloucester, MA, fisherman

The Football Players

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, 31, Los Angeles, CA, broadcaster
Robert Ortiz, 27, Solana Beach, CA, business owner
Ricky Sharpe, 31, Costa Mesa, CA, coach

Grandpa’s Warriors

Dick Smith, 69, Normal, IL, store owner
Steven Smith, 49, Savoy, IL, store owner
Sam Gibbs, 23, Thomasboro, IL, store anager

The Gypsies

John Post, 29, Pensacola, FL, sustainable farmer
Taylor Filasky, 31, San Diego, CA, video producer
Eric Bach, 26, San Francisco, CA, sales

Latin Persuasion

Dashia Imperiale, 44, New York, NY, fitness instructor
Raven Garcia, 30, Bronx, NY, freelance writer
Mai Reyes, 38, New York, NY, manager

Mom’s Army

Eleanor Vanderbeck, 52, Reading, PA, bookkeeper
Ruthie Vanderbeck, 27, Reading, PA, realtor
Abbie Vanderbeck, 29, Norwalk, CT, nanny

New York Fireman

Kevin Coursey, 39, Belle Harbor, NY, firefighter
Robert Kiley, 34, Rockaway Park, NY, firefighter
Michael Egan, 34, Rockaway Park, NY, firefighter

Team Kansas

Lindsey Haymond, 27, Houston, TX, teacher
Kelsey Fuller, 21, Overland Park, KS, student
Mackenzie Fuller, 18, Overland Park, KS, student


  • Erik,

    Cannot wait for the grand finale this week. My wife and I are big fans of No Limits, after having seen you in the film “Blindsight” a few months ago. Hopefully you guys give the Gypsies a run for their money and can pull it out. And hopefully Ike’s ankle heals as well.

  • I watch the show every week and you are so inspirational! Thank you for what you did. Your team mates are just as tough and show real class, always positive.

  • Been watching the show and rooting for Team No Limits. Eric, you are an inspiration and give me hope for life after RP totally robs me of my sight. From a fellow Coloradan – GO ERIC!

  • [...] reality show, called ExpeditionImpossible. Eric can’t share too many detailes but he did reveal that he spent the last couple of weeks in Morrocco with his team member Jeff Evans “competing” for a chance to win $250,000. Who knows [...]

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