No Barriers Educo Camp

My team and I just visited the new No Barriers camp, Educo, above Fort Collins in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. It’s 150 pristine acres surrounded by forest service land, and it’s stunning. There’s a pinnacle of granite rock in the middle for easy rock climbing and an array of different stations scattered throughout the terrain like a ropes course. The  grounds are being intentionally kept relatively low key to align with the vision of the camp - to maintain the integrity of the beautiful surroundings and provide an immersive experience with nature.

Checking out Educo during the off-season

"Eagles Perch" 

Our amazing No Barriers Director, Dave Shurna, procured the camp through an acquisition of an organization that wanted help to  maintain and run the camp. They were mainly focused on passing it along to folks that would maximize the space, and they had trust in No Barriers.

The camp will be a perfect setting for our No Barriers groups. It’s already been utilized for youth summer camp, and our No Barriers Warriors have taken it over for weekend coursework and training.  While many still love the excitement of a mountain, backpacking journey, or river expedition, some folks aren’t ready for that yet and need a first step that’s not so scary. They simply need a peaceful place to reflect, regroup, connect with a new rope team, go through our No Barriers curriculum, and ultimately heal and recommit to change and growth in their lives. I’ve been on a high this week thinking about all its potential.

Kids trying out the ropes course during summer camp.

Scrambling up the rock face!

Our No Barriers community has already been contributing to get the camp up and running. For example, Board member, Tom Sullivan, founder of Cabinets to Go, and their CEO, Jerry Burdock, are donating things like cabinets and flooring. I’m blown away by all the contributions thus far.

No Barriers is growing in bold and exciting ways and this camp is another way we are able to impact our communities at a deeper, even higher level.

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