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Erik has written two very popular books: his autobiography, Touch the Top of the World;  and The Adversity Advantage, a compilation of his experiences in facing adversity, whether in the mountains, business or other areas of life. 

Three of Erik's expeditions have been made into award-winning documentary films, and his autobiography was made into a feature film.

You can purchase these products individually through our partners. Alternatively you can purchase packages directly from us, which saves you money, and the books come signed.

For businesses, Erik partnered with the Franklin Covey organization to produce the Everest Leadership package. This is a high-impact program for developing teamwork and leadership skills.


This package consists of the soft cover version of Erik's autobiography and The Adversity Advantage. This combination is only available from this web site and both books are signed.

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Experience the Touch the Top of the World Video package, featuring three of Erik’s award winning films now on DVD.

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The complete package is an exclusive compilation of Erik’s books and DVDs which chronicle his struggles, his thrilling mountaintop triumphs, his international work with blind youth and people with challenges, and his principles on harnessing the power of adversity.

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The Educational Package was designed to accompany my memoir, Touch the Top of the World.  It was developed by my wife Ellen and me, as well as our good friend and former colleague, Lance Coon.

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Everest: Creating Greatness is a stunning 14-minute video, produced in partnership with the Franklin Covey organization, which will stimulate intense and rewarding discussion about the power of a cohesive team with a shared vision.

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